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It is the greatest reward when we watch a patient who has always felt uncomfortable about their smile; look at their new smile for the first time. We also treasure the patients who have had a fear of the dentist, realize that modern, gentle and caring dentistry is something that can be a pleasant experience. We invite you to visit our practice and experience the difference at Sophisticated Smiles in Johnson City.

“I am thrilled with the brighter, whiter smile that I have now thanks to Dr. Cameron and the one hour laser whitening procedure. Before, I felt as if my teeth were yellow and stained and I did not like to show my smile to people. I would even cover my mouth anytime that I would laugh because I was so embarrassed. Now I smile with confidence and look and feel younger. And the great thing is that I didn’t have to put gel on my teeth twice a day for several weeks in order to achieve it.”

— Crystal of Johnson City, TN

“Dr. Cameron and her entire team did an excellent job. I’ve never been treated like that before at a dental office. The entire team made me feel more comfortable and made me feel at ease. I was initially afraid at the thought of losing a baby tooth that I had in my mouth for over 50 years because I knew there was nothing that would grow back. When I left Dr. Cameron’s office that day, you could not even tell that it was gone and the tooth that Dr. Cameron put in it’s place looks better than my baby tooth. It was hard to believe that the entire process (including the extraction) took only about 90 minutes. Before the procedure, I was always afraid to eat on that side of my mouth, and now I can eat whatever I want. I am very pleased with the fantastic job Dr. Cameron did for me.”

— Ronald of Morristown, TN

“I usually always dread going to the dentist and I get very nervous. But, since my first visit at Dr. Cameron’s office, I don’t give going to the dentist a second thought. I don’t worry or stress about it. I just feel that Dr. Cameron and her entire staff are very friendly and outgoing. They always see that my personal needs are met and just all the little extra things that they do really make a difference.”

— Michelle of Jonesborough, TN

“It was less than a month until my wedding and I was concerned because I wanted my smile to look its best in my wedding pictures. Dr. Cameron was able to repair my chipped front tooth and she did not even have to numb the area. She also replaced an old, ugly silver filling with a tooth colored inlay. Thanks to Dr. Cameron and her incredible team, I have a smile that I am proud of. My wedding pictures turned out great and no one even knew that my smile was not completely natural.” 

— Jason from Erwin, TN

“I was having some problems with my back teeth and I was experiencing a lot of discomfort. I called Dr. Cameron’s office and they fit me in the very next day. Everyone at the office has always treated me like I was important and not ‘just another patient.’ I am very thankful that every bit of the work has been done at Dr. Cameron’s office. The whole staff is wonderful and so caring about everyone.

— Tamara of Johnson City, TN

“I initially chose Dr. Cameron’s office because this office was all female — meaning I knew they would approach me with extra TLC. Once I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were everything I expected and more. The compassion and attention to my needs helped ease my apprehension towards dentistry. I not only came away with great dentistry, I came away with a personal drive to maintain the health of my mouth and to maintain the dentistry Dr. Cameron gracefully and professionally did for me. I don’t have to drive 30 miles to obtain TLC dentistry. Dr. Cameron is just down the road from me.” 

— Roy of Johnson City, TN

“The smile Dr. Cameron gave me is just amazing, and I didn’t even have to wear braces for two or three years. The only regret I have is that I did not have it done sooner.”

— Jane of Elizabethton, TN

“Dear Dr Cameron and Professional Staff, 
It’s always a pleasure to visit your lovely office and be greeted by the smiling faces. We are proud to be counted among your dental patient family and enthusiastically recommend you to our friends. You have given us the privilege of maintaining most of natural teeth into our golden 80 years. It gives us much to smile about and we appreciate it. God bless you and yours as you share your labor of love for all of us.”

— Robert and Thelma, April 2008

“Thank you so much for my new smile! I can honestly say the experience was great and you and your team are so kind and friendly which makes for a stress free visit to the dentist. I am so happy that I came to your office because you and your team are truly professional, courteous and very talented. It’s the extra mile you all go to ensure the patient received the care needed and that the dental work completed was top quality. I would recommend you all to anyone looking for a dentist, especially for cleanings, a filling or even a new smile. Of all the dentists I’ve been to, you all are certainly The Best! Thank you”

— Pam

“Dr. Cameron, 
Many Thanks! I believe a smile is the sweetest expression we can give on another. It is understood in every culture and breaks through language barriers. A baby can understand a smile before it can talk. A smile is truly a gift from God. This is why I am so proud to know a dentist/woman like you, who takes such care in helping people to smile their best smile. You are a dear person. “

— Anonymous TV Personality

“Roses are red 
Violets are blue 
My teeth look great 
Thanks to you!”

— Pat

“I did not know a trip to the dentist could be anything but uncomfortable. Wow, a heated neck wrap and throw for my legs and all those gentle voices saying everything is going great. You are doing very good. All the staff is awesome, what good vibrations flow in your office.”

— F. Greer

“Dr. Cameron and Staff, 
Thank you so much for everything. I’m sorry about the trouble my mouth has caused. I really appreciate the extra time you all have spent give me a great smile. 
Thank you”

— Sara

“Thanks so very much for blessing me! I hope you will enjoy this cake as much as I am enjoying my new teeth. 

— Pat

“Everyone is always very kind and pleasant. Keep up the good work.” 

— Barbara

“I am an example of how Dr. Cameron can help to overcome dental anxiety as well as severe self-consciousness about my smile. I have always been petrified of the dentist so needless to say, when I made a consultation with Dr. Cameron for porcelain veneers, I was scared to death. Everyone in the office put me at ease during the consultation and after discussions with Dr. Cameron, we decided I needed crowns instead of the veneers. My teeth were a grayish yellow color from Tetracycline staining (given as a child). Add to the discoloring several less than straight teeth that braces didn’t fix (as a child again). I tried my best not to “really” smile ever. I had always been extremely self-conscious to the point of very low self-esteem. I always felt like people saw my teeth and not me.

My first appointment for the upper caps went smoothly. Dr. Cameron and her lovely staff made sure I was comfortable. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe it was me and these were just the temporaries. I noticed myself smiling more and more over the next couple of weeks. My next visit was to place the permanent upper crowns, which again, Dr. Cameron and everyone made sure I was always comfortable. I went through the same procedures for the bottom teeth.

The final appearance of my crowns was unbelievable. I, to this day, have a hard time accepting that is me in the mirror. My self-esteem has shot through the roof. I am a lot more confident in myself and I smile about a thousand times more with no hesitation. I would whole heartily recommend Dr. Cameron and her staff to anyone.”

— Laura Johnson City, TN


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