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Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures that are “Drop Dead Gorgeous”

We are looking for cosmetically oriented patients who want to improve their smiles.

What makes these dentures so special?

Your smile is going to be made just for you by Dr. Cameron/Cunningham and our team. The doctor will personally hand select teeth and a smile style that will complement your coloring and your facial features in order to get the most flattering result. Also, the doctor will personally set the teeth while you are present. If you call around, you will find that there is no other dentist in this area that does this. Typically dentists leave those choices up to the lab technician who has never seen or met you. It’s a gamble what you get back.

Benefits of cosmetic dentures to patients:
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Smile Bigger
  • Feel Better
  • Cosmetics of Lower One-Third of Face can be Improved
  • Function and Comfort can be Improved
  • Your friends may think you either you have very nice natural teeth or that you have very nice veneers, but they will never think that you have dentures.

Why should I spend so much?

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