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Preventive Care

A Lifetime of Good Dental Health

It’s always a pleasure to visit your lovely office and be greeted by the smiling faces. We are proud to be counted among your dental patient family and enthusiastically recommend you to our friends. 
— Robert and Thelma Harmon


We actively aid our patients in obtaining a lifetime of good dental health. We thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and bone structure, emphasize good oral hygiene, and offer these preventive care services:

Regular Checkups & Exams
From the moment you arrive at our Johnson City practice you will be treated with professional and comforting care. During your initial exam you will be screened for oral cancer, given diagnostic x-rays for examination, gum disease evaluation and an update on your current dental health. Dr. Angela R. Cameron encourages our patients to visit on a regular basis in order to prevent disease before it happens.

Our certified dental hygienists are the best. The individual care you will receive includes removal of plaque and tarter from your teeth and gum line and polish them to remove common stains.

We offer sealants for both our adult and pediatric patients. A sealant is a tooth colored or clear plastic material that adheres to your natural tooth enamel. The benefits of sealing common pits and grooves against tooth decay can be an effective and affordable means to head off future decay problems.

Healthy gums make healthy teeth. At Sophisticated Smiles we continually search for signs of early gum disease so it can be treated non-surgically prior to becoming a major problem. Our staff is highly trained in a soft tissue management program and we are continually pursuing continued education in this field to better serve our Johnson City and Tri-Cities residents with premier care and service.

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