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Sedation Dentistry for Anxious Patients

Saturday, January, 1, 2022

If you have someone in your household who isn’t very comfortable in the dentist’s chair call or send a direct message to your Johnson City family dentist.  Sophisticated-Smiles is the only dental practice in Johnson City to consider for sedation dentistry.

Comfortable and at Ease

Sedation dentistry is an amazing technology that puts everyone at ease. Even those who suffer from severe dental fear feel comfortable visiting Sophisticated-Smiles.

Dr. Angela Cameron offers sedation dentistry for people who suffer from mild to severe dental fear.

This is especially helpful for those who have serious dental phobia and for those having multiple dental procedures at the same time.

Sedation Dentistry in Johnson City

Missing even one dental checkup can have major ramifications when it comes to your teeth and gums and your overall health. If you follow this blog you will know the connection between overall and oral health.

Thanks to sedation dentistry your anxious loved ones will feel totally at ease at the beginning, during and after the dental checkup. In fact, your son, daughter or partner won’t remember a thing about the procedure.

Missed Checkups Make Things Worse

Untreated tooth decay causes larger cavities while untreated gingivitis progresses to periodontal disease. Without regular dental checkups these problems, and the ones you don’t know about, are only going to progress and not in a good way.

Missed dental checkups also mean missed oral cancer screenings. Keep in mind that your Johnson City family dentist is usually the first to know if something doesn’t seem right.

For example, if you have scaly patches on the insides of your cheeks or a sore that won’t heal, Dr. Cameron will take a biopsy before sending it to a lab for investigation.

People who suffer from dental fear won’t have this advantage because they don’t visit the dentist regularly. Catching oral cancer in its earliest stages is crucial for full recovery.

Sophisticated-Smiles offer oral, nitrous oxide, local and IV sedation for patients who aren’t comfortable at the dentist’s office. All of these types of sedation work wonders for people who suffer from mild to severe dental fear.

Sedation Dentistry is the Key

Sedation dentistry works regardless of how fearful you or a family member is. Sophisticated-Smiles makes you feel comfortable the minute you walk through the door.

Make the New Year count and schedule a dental checkup for you and your family. Call or send a direct message and schedule dental checkups in Johnson City today.

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