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Overcome Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

Sunday, November, 1, 2020

Dental anxiety is real, so real that some people avoid regular dental checkups. The irony of avoiding regular dental checkups is that cavities won’t go away and neither will gum disease.

Sophisticated-Smiles Dr. Angela Cameron, an Accredited Fellow with DOCS, explains that if left untreated, both tooth decay and periodontal disease will require more invasive, intensive, and costly treatments.

What is Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety, dental fear, dental phobia, dentophobia, and odontophobia While they all are essentially the same thing, people suffer for various reasons.

Why People Suffer

Everyone is different, but studies show that some people fear the dentist because of a past experience, while others have learned to be afraid because of the horror stories that have been told by friends and family members. Sophisticated-Smiles explains that some who suffer from dental anxiety don’t like someone standing over them while others have a fear of needles.

For whatever reason, avoiding the dentist can have serious ramifications. However, thanks to sedation dentistry, you, and the millions of others just like you, won’t have to deal with dental anxiety. As a result, your teeth and gums, and the rest of your body will thank you for it.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Angela Cameron is the only doctor in Johnson City to become a Fellow of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. Dr. Cameron offers local, oral and IV sedation for people suffering from dental anxiety.

Local anesthetic

Local anesthetic is an incredible tool that is used for mild dental fear. Used topically, or injected, it’s an effective way to keep you comfortable. This is great if you want to drive yourself home from the procedure as well.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as Laughing Gas, is another sedation dentistry tool used by Sophisticated-Smiles. Inhaled through a mask that is connected to a hose, nitrous oxide wears off immediately allowing you to drive to and from your dental appointment.

Oral Medication for Dental Anxiety

Some patients require more sedation and that’s where oral medication comes into the picture. Taken the night before and then again an hour before the dental appointment, you are still conscious, but will be groggy. If you are taking oral medication, it’s important to have someone take you to and from your dental appointment.

IV Sedation

For patients with moderate to severe phobias IV sedation could be the answer. IV sedation is conscious sedation that is monitored throughout the dental procedure. Patients who opt for IV sedation have little, if any, memory of the dental visit.

If you are one of the millions of patients who suffer from dental anxiety, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Cameron from Sophisticated-Smiles today.

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