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Over Whitening Teeth is Dangerous

Thursday, July, 15, 2021

If your teeth have been sensitive lately it could have something to do with your dental care products. Over whitening teeth is quite common and not at all good for your teeth and gums.

If you use over the counter tooth whitening products chance are you use too much all too often. Over whitening teeth is all too common and not at all good for your smile.

Your dentist in Johnson City explains that too much product, even a non-prescription gel, paste, rinse or strip can still damage your pearly whites.

Over Whitening Teeth and the Problems it Brings

Over whitening teeth will leave you with an increase in sensitivity, and possible enamel erosion.

Your enamel protects your teeth from cavities. If you over whitening teeth and damage the enamel, you will be more susceptible to tooth decay.

Other Over Whitening Teeth Issues Include:

Transparent Teeth

Too much over the counter peroxide based whitener will leave teeth look translucent rather than white. Your teeth will eventually look discolored which is an irreversible condition. This is especially true around the edges of your teeth.

Gum Irritation

One of the worst problems with over whitening teeth is gum irritation. Consequently, if you use whitener regularly and your gums are sensitive and red, those over the counter trays could be to blame. Dr. Angela Cameron explains that irritated gums could lead to gum disease.

Enamel Loss

Tooth enamel is what protects your teeth from decay. It covers the dentist and keeps your teeth safe from dental caries. Enamel erosion leaves you in the high risk category for tooth decay.

Bluish Looking Teeth

While not that common some people report a blue smile after too much whitening use. If you want to prevent this from happening to you only have your teeth whitened by a professional.

Sensitive Teeth

Using too much whitening paste can also cause an increase in tooth sensitivity. If you have a hard time enjoying your morning cup of Joe because your teeth are too sensitive it could have something to do with your over the counter whitener.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Johnson City

Having your teeth lightened professionally is the only way to ensure a safe experience. Dr. Cameron and her team are experienced when it comes to both chairside and take home treatments and will give you the best advice as to which would be best for you and your teeth and gums.

Sophisticated-Smiles professional teeth whitening is the safe way to lighten teeth up to ten shades. Firstly, you can be assured it is safe for your teeth; secondly, the entire process is monitored so you won’t be tempted to overdo things.

A New Smile without Overwhitening in Johnson City

If you teeth are sensitive, look blue, chalky or translucent it’s time to stop the over the counter products and call Sophisticated-Smiles.

Overdoing anything can have disastrous results, even when it comes to your teeth. Call and schedule a consultation for professional teeth whitening in Johnson City today.

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