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One Missing Tooth is All You Need

Monday, August, 1, 2022

Even one missing tooth can cause problems. One missing tooth can lead to issues with other teeth, but that’s not all.

Sophisticated-Smiles explains that when you lose a tooth the bone that held the roots will begin to shrink. This happens because there is nothing to exercise it.

People who have missing teeth, even one missing tooth, will always look older than they really are because the jaw shrinks. This is known as resorption.

Bone Resorption in a Missing Tooth

Your dentist in Johnson City explains that bone resorption, also called jawbone atrophy, happens immediately after you lose a tooth.

In the first year alone you will experience about 25 percent of bone loss. This will continue to happen as time goes on.

If multiple teeth are not replaced with a permanent solution, such as dental implants, future gum and teeth problems, if you have any left, will continue.

The only way to prevent jawbone atrophy is to visit Sophisticated-Smiles. Dr. Angela Cameron is a licensed and experienced dental implant provider who is able to determine if you and dental implants are the best fit.

Replacements for a Teeth

Although there are other types of replacements for missing teeth, such as dental bridges, partial and full dentures, they will not prevent bone loss. Again, this type of dental appliance will not exercise the bone.

Dental implants truly are the best replacement for missing teeth and available from your implant dentist in Johnson City.

While most people are good candidates for dental implants there are those that would fare better with other replacements.

People who smoke and those with diabetes and other types of diseases have a higher percentage of dental implant failure as do those with poor oral hygiene habits.

If you have a missing tooth or need to have your teeth extracted schedule an appointment with Sophisticated-Smiles.

Dr. Cameron and her team will be able to determine if it can be replaced with a dental implant.

One Missing Tooth or More

If you have one missing tooth a single implant is all that you need. With that being said multiple missing teeth fare better with a complete set of dental implants such as All on 4s. In some cases, All on 4s can be implanted during the same procedure.

The only way to know if you and dental implants are a good fit is to schedule a consultation. Even if you are only missing one tooth it is important to take care of it before it affects the rest of your smile.

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