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Dental Implants a Complete Smile

Wednesday, February, 1, 2023

Having even one missing tooth can cause problems for the rest of your smile. Regardless of where the space is your other teeth will try to move into position. When this happens your teeth will crowd and tilt. With dental implants your other teeth will feel comfortable and won’t need a reason to travel anywhere.

Dental Implants in Johnson City

Dr. Angela Cameron is an implant dentist in Johnson City who has the skills to help you decide on the best replacement.

For some it could mean a single dental implant, for others it can be an entirely new set of teeth. This is especially true if your teeth are failing and need to be extracted.

Dental implants in Johnson City are the solution as you want replacements that look just like your natural teeth used to.

If you follow the Sophisticated-Smiles blog you will know that these replacements require healing after the posts have been implanted in or on the jawbone. For some it may only take 6 weeks or so, while for others it could take longer.

The amount of healing time is really dependent on the patient and how much work was done during during the dental implants surgery.

Why Missing Teeth Cause Such Problems

Because the roots in your tooth hold your bone in place you have bone preservation. If the tooth is lost a process known as bone resorption starts right away.

Resorption leads to a collapsed face, an increase in wrinkles and less lip support. In fact, missing teeth will age a person by ten years or more.

As previously mentioned resorption also leads to overcrowding and tooth shifting as the teeth are doing their best to make the rest of your mouth comfortable.

Dental Implants Will:

  • Preserve facial structure
  • Improve speech
  • Provide comfort when chewing and biting
  • Give you more food choices
  • Cause no issues with other teeth
  • Provides easy hygiene like brushing and flossing natural teeth
  • Eliminating messy adhesives

Is This Replacement Right for You?

You can read as many articles as you like, but the only way to know if dental implants are suitable is to schedule an appointment.

Dental implants dentist Dr. Angela Cameron will fully examine your teeth, gums and chewing system to determine if replacement is the right choice for you.

While implant failure is rare, only about five percent, the risk is higher for people who smoke and chew tobacco. Those on certain medications may not fare well either. Again, only Dr. Cameron will know for certain.

Dental Implants Johnson City

Dental implants are amazing and could be for you. Call for an appointment with Sophisticated-Smiles today.



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