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A Healthy and Beautiful Smile in Johnson City

Tuesday, June, 1, 2021

Dr. Angela Cameron believes that everyone is entitled to a healthy and beautiful smile. Even people who are deathly afraid to sit in the dentist’s chair and people who have been less than diligent with regular dental checkups deserve to be treated like family when it comes to dental care and that’s where Sophisticated-Smiles comes in.

In addition, your restorative and cosmetic dentist in TN offers patients, and potential ones, the latest dental technology to ease anxious dental patients and patients who would rather skip the dentist all together. As a result, you will see many healthy and beautiful smiles in Johnson City.

Dental Technologies for a New Grin

Computer Imaging with Sophisticated-Smiles

Digital photographs are the norm at your dentist’s office in Johnson City. As a result, your dentist has the ability to show you what your smile will look like before you have anything done. You will also get to discuss those results.

This allows you to give feedback and explain to Dr. Cameron and her team what you do and don’t like. Sophisticated-Smiles will create just the right picture giving you a healthy and beautiful smile that you will love.

Intra-Oral Camera for a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

The intraoral camera allows you and Dr. Cameron to see any problems that may be going on before you actually feel them.

The application with the intra-oral camera, also records all dental aesthetics while helping you and your doctor create a treatment plan that will give you the most healthy and beautiful smile possible. Furthermore, the camera is the size of a pen and fits in your mouth without making you gag or feel uncomfortable.

Air Polishing

One of the best new dental technologies has got to be air polishing. This awesome dental procedure polishes your teeth and is safe, gentle and comfortable. In addition, using water, air and a sodium bicarbonate powder or glycine, it disrupts the film and plaque on your teeth helping remove surface stains.

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Your Healthy and Beautiful Smile

Using sound waves to clean your teeth, ultrasonic cleaning is very effective and an incredibly safe way to professionally clean teeth. If you have never had ultrasonic cleaning, call and schedule a consultation with Sophisticated-Smiles for ultrasonic cleaning.

DIAGNOdent for Early Detection

A healthy and beautiful smile starts with regular dental checkups. Firstly, DIAGNOdent helps detect cavities in their earliest stages. Secondly, even tiny cracks and breaks are discovered early enough to repair before the damage gets worse.

The sooner a cavity is taken care of the better. Small fillings usually don’t require dental crowns to protect the filling and the tooth.

A Healthy and Beautiful Smile in Johnson City

If you would like to learn more about a healthy and beautiful smile that you can be proud to show off, call, send a message or a text and schedule a dental consultation in Johnson City today.



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