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Your Local Dentist to the Rescue

Monday, November, 1, 2021

If a new smile has been on your wish list you can make it happen with a little help from your local dentist.

Dr. Angela Cameron is ready to help you with your smile dreams whether you have chipped or cracked teeth or just want a little help with the color.

From porcelain veneers to professional teeth whitening and more you are in the best hands when you schedule an appointment.

Smile and Self-Esteem

If your stained grin hasn’t helped your confidence you aren’t alone.

According to your Johnson City local dentist any smile problems will affect your self-esteem as your stained, crooked, missing and chipped teeth don’t always act as confidence booster. With that being said, a not so pretty smile will also affect your health.

Health, Teeth and Gums

If you have been following your local dentist Blog you will recall the connection between overall and oral health.

A lack of oral hygiene, including regular dental checkups in Johnson City plays a huge role in the health and well-being of your smile.

For example, gum disease will eventually get worse. Known as periodontal disease it follows gingivitis.

Gingivitis is curable and controllable. Periodontitis, while controllable, is not curable. As you can see this only causes more issues for not only your gums, but your overall health as well.

Overall and Oral Health

Dr. Cameron explains that the general consensus when it comes to the link is gum disease. Because the body tries to fight off the bad bacteria it gets out of balance.

When this happens, plaque and tartar form a layer on your teeth and under your gum line. This is extremely dangerous as the bacteria enter the bloodstream leaving particles behind on your blood vessels. What is left eventually makes its way to the heart.

It’s interesting to note that gum disease is predominant in people with heart disease as well. Stroke and Alzheimer’s disease are also risks when it comes to periodontitis.

Local Dentist for a Problem Smile

If you are lucky enough to be given the greenlight for cosmetic dentistry, your local dentist Sophisticated-Smiles will discuss your restorative and cosmetic options.

These could include anything from a gummy smile repair to orthodontics. If your teeth are dull or crooked, your local dentist Dr. Cameron will probably prescribe professional teeth whitening or Invisalign.

Help from your Local Dentist

You don’t have to live with a less than smile. Call or send a direct message to the team from Sophisticated Smiles. Can’t wait? Try the Virtual Smiles tool and get recommendations quicker.

Call or take a selfie for a Virtual Smile Consultation with your local dentist today.



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