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Professional Teeth Whitening for a Safer Experience

Sunday, November, 15, 2020
Tooth whitening is probably the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in the world. However, tooth whitening doesn’t work for everyone.

Firstly even professional teeth whitening won’t work on teeth that are restored. Secondly they won’t lighten teeth that have intensive interior stains.

Your Johnson City cosmetic dentist explains that overdoing tooth whitening with over the counter products can actually cause harm to your teeth and gums. Those strips, gels, pastes and one size fits all trays may be priced right, but they can still be problematic because people are not seeing results. This makes it tempting to use more product more often.

Not So Great Results

Over the counter whitening products won’t give you the same results as professional teeth whitening.

Dr. Angela Cameron from Sophisticated-Smiles explains that the professional grade active ingredient cannot be sold unless you have a prescription. This makes professional teeth whitening the only way to go.

The whitening agents that you find in stores are never as strong and are diluted. While over the counter tooth whitening products work, it will take longer and you will not have the same results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Won’t Cause Damage

According to Sophisticated-Smiles, whitening kits sold in stores are one size fits all. This means that the bleach should not touch your gums. Only custom made trays will prevent product seepage because they are designed to whiten teeth and not touch gums. Bleach causes gum irritation and can even damage gums.

Custom-made tooth whitening trays from your dentist in Johnson City prevent product seepage and are safe. Custom-made trays are also monitored so you won’t be tempted to use them too often or too much.

OTC Products Cause Enamel Erosion

One of the worst side effects from over the counter whitening products affects the enamel on your teeth. Enamel protects your teeth from decay and bacteria. If you don’t have enamel, your teeth will become weak making you more susceptible to dental caries. Because OTC products are used too often, you are putting your tooth enamel at risk.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The only way to lighten teeth safely is with professional teeth whitening. Dr. Cameron offers both in office and custom made take home trays that can lighten teeth up to 8 to 10 shades.

Zoom! In Office Professional Teeth Whitening

Your Johnson City cosmetic dentist uses Zoom! In Office Tooth Whitening which offers dramatic results in a single dental appointment. Zoom! takes about an hour to complete and is the perfect solution for a special occasion that is coming up sooner rather than later.

Professional Teeth Whitening Take Home Trays

If you don’t need white teeth in an hour, try custom made take home whitening trays. Your custom-made whitening kit is made especially for you meaning you will not have to worry about enamel or gum damage.

For a brighter smile, you can’t beat professional tooth whitening in Johnson City. Call and schedule a whitening appointment with Sophisticated-Smiles today.

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