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Opt for Invisalign® instead of Mail Order Braces

Thursday, September, 10, 2020

Most people have seen social media ads regarding those mail order braces. For some, the thought of sending in a few pictures with an application and an impression tray sounds appealing and so does the price. However, according to your cosmetic dentist in Johnson City, TN, buying clear braces off the internet isn’t a great idea and that’s where Invisalign® comes in. “Mail order braces is something that I would never let my family or friends do,” states Dr. Cameron. “It’s just not a good idea.”

Mail Order Braces aren’t Made to Fit

Mail order braces aren’t exactly a custom fit. While the company does send you a tray and some special gel for an impression, there are no guarantees. Firstly, there is no dentist to oversee the process; secondly, it will most likely result in a bad set of clear braces.

Also, remember there are no x-rays and no dentist to keep track of your progress. Keep in mind that while the companies who supply mail order braces claim they are made and manufactured under a doctor’s care, how would you really know?

Mail order braces can also cause harm. Some patients have problems, such as severe over or under bites that make clear braces impossible. In fact, people who order braces on the internet may suffer serious consequences and permanent damage. The key to clear braces is a perfect fit.

The Invisalign® System for Tooth Straightening

Dr. Angela Cameron is a preferred and licensed provider of prescription clear braces that are made to fit using proprietary applications and software. Sophisticated-Smiles is proud to provide the Invisalign® tooth straightening system that is custom made to fit your smile.

How Invisalign® Works

The Sophisticated-Smiles team take digital pictures and x-rays along with impressions. Those impressions pictures and x-rays are sent to the Invisalign® lab who will manufacture between 11 and 31 sets of clear aligners.

Patients wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day depending on the Invisalign® blueprint. The aligners are removed when you eat, drink, brush, and floss.

How Long does Invisalign® Take?

Accordng to your Johnson City cosmetic dentist, the average patient will wear aligners for 12 to 18 months. With that being said, some patients begin to see results in just 6 weeks.

Most people are well suited to Invisalign®, however, only your cosmetic dentist in Johnson City can say for sure.

Skip the mail order braces and schedule a no obligation Invisalign® consultation with Dr. Cameron and her team from Sophisticated-Smiles today.

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