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Let Your Smile Tell a Happy Story

Wednesday, December, 15, 2021

Your smile can tell a thousand stories. Whether it is turned up or down usually depends on your mood. However in some cases a sad smile is indication of chipped, cracked, stained and/or missing teeth.

Dr. Angela Cameron is a cosmetic dentist in Johnson City who has been in the business of cosmetic dentistry for decades. Her dental practice provides patients with general dentistry and a whole lot more.

If your smile isn’t giving you a reason to turn up the corners on your mouth it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cameron and her team.

Give Yourself a Reason to Smile

One of the biggest reasons people aren’t able to smile doesn’t have to do with chips and cracks, but something most can’t see.

People who have jaws that are out of alignment or a temporomandibular joint problem probably have issues with their teeth as well.

For example, people with TMJD or temporomandibular joint disorder often grind their teeth both during the day and at night.

A jaw that is out of alignment can certainly change the way your smile looks, especially if you suffer from bruxism.

Bruxism is the technical term for teeth grinding and clenching. When you clench your jaw you are also putting your smile at risk.

TMJ and Bite Help

Your dentist in Johnson City has the training and experience to help with your bite as she will examine your chewing system along with your teeth and gums.

Dr. Cameron looks at how your jaws come together and how your bite fits. If something is off you can be sure it is affecting your teeth and your gums.

In addition, if you have teeth that are crooked or out of alignment because of constant grinding they will be more difficult to brush and floss. If you don’t take good care of your teeth your gums will pay the price.

An appointment with a Johnson City dentist will rule out bite and TMJ problems immediately.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Smile

If Sophisticated Smiles deems your smile ready for a makeover the two of you will talk about what you can’t stand about your smile.

Obviously the chips, cracks and stains are an issue, but if there is something else that bothers you, such as the length of your eye teeth, you can share that with your Johnson City dentist during your consultation.

Schedule Your Appointment

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