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Is Your Family Dentist Making You Uncomfortable?

Friday, July, 1, 2022

Having a family dentist you can trust is right up there with having a doctor you can depend on.

If you don’t have someone who is there for you and your family it’s time to find someone who is there for checkups and on hand for an emergency.

If you aren’t so sure about your family dentist it’s time to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Johnson City that is caring, knowledgeable AND trustworthy.

A Trusting Johnson City Family Dentist

Most people have heard horror stories about dental visits that have gone wrong. Thankfully that will never happen when you become a patient of Sophisticated-Smiles in Johnson City.

Dr. Angela Cameron and her team are passionate about dental care. That means they will do everything to keep restorations to a minimum.

Sophisticated-Smiles are firm believers in proactive dentistry. Firstly, proactive dentistry prevents things from getting worse. Secondly, it prevents things from happening in the first place.

With regular dental checkups and professional cleanings you and your family dentist in Johnson City are being proactive with you and your family’s oral health.

Being proactive with dental care is one of the best things that you can do to keep your teeth and gums free from decay and disease.

Dental Checkups in Johnson City

If you follow Dr. Cameron’s dental blog you will know how important dental checkups are to oral and overall health.

The connection between the two is very real with most experts believing the link is inflammation from gum disease.

Studies show that people who have heart disease and stroke usually suffer from gum disease, but not just any gum disease. They suffer from periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease is the Worst

While gingivitis must be taken care of periodontal disease is even worse. When you are proactive with gum disease, meaning regular deep cleanings, root scaling and planing, you are less likely to contract periodontitis.

Periodontal disease eats away at the gum line. So much so that it leaves pockets of infection between gums and teeth. When that happens the infection invades the bloodstream putting you and your body at risk.

With regular dental checkups with your Johnson City family dentist you are less likely to suffer from cavities and periodontitis.

A Family Dentist for the Family

A trusting family dentist is essential and if you aren’t happy with your doctor, call and schedule an appointment. Dr. Cameron and her team will welcome you with open arms and never make you feel uncomfortable.

Send a direct message and schedule and appointment today.

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